Renton Oriental Rugs - Trusted and respected by our customers since 1976

As the years pass, the retail industry has constantly had to innovate and reinvent itself. In today’s fast changing world this has never been more obvious which is why we have embraced the changing habits of our customers and how they can access our stock from the comfort of their own home.

However, the values and principles that we have always stood for as a family business have never changed. We still hold those close to how we deal with our customers no matter where they are in the world.  You can always be assured of excellent customer service, integrity and trust when you purchase from us.

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Established by my father Graeme in 1976, we’re still am independant family run business in St Andrews, Scotland.

During this time we have built excellent relationships with most of the UK’s importers of rugs from the middle east and the orient. This allows us access to probably the largest selection of rugs in the UK.

Over the past 45 years or more we have seen many changes in the world we live in.  However, the skills, craftmanship and designs of Persian rugs has changed very little.  The old hand woven methods that have been in use for centuries still exist. The dyes used are based on the same natural compounds. And the results are mostly just as inspiring and enhance the walls and floors of our homes bringing a room to life.

At Renton Oriental Rugs we have gained the experience and expertise to help choose the best quality rugs available through our extensive supply chain built up over four decades and more.

You can trust our family business to give you the right advice and help you find the perfect rug for your home.